Performing Group: There’s More to it Than Just Dance

Blue Dog Dance offers its students and dancers many different avenues through which to explore and experience dance. One of those avenues is through our Performing Group. Under the experienced wing of Blue Dog Alum and Performing Group Director Kyra Jackson, dancers in second to eighth grade who qualify are invited to apply to join this fantastic group of young performers.

Although no experience is required to join the group, Miss Kyra does point out that a prerequisite to apply is that dancers must take at least one additional class at Blue Dog to be eligible. Elementary-age students will need to take one technique-based class such as jazz, lyrical, or ballet and middle schoolers take three back-to-back classes which include ballet, jazz, and performing group! This schedule is rigorous and requires dedication! 

One of the most important benefits of Performing Group is immersing the young dancers in the culture of teamwork. Often dance is thought of as not being a team-based activity, and nothing could be further from the truth. The dancers learn to work together on and off the stage. Dancing together fosters collaboration and support for one another. Dancers become friends, allowing them to cover for each other during performances for mistakes or missteps and these social interactions foster peer-to-peer relationships and communication skills. 

Performing Group cultivates confidence – within the group, even the shyest of individuals can stand strong. Competitions are a great way to nurture confidence. Our Performing Group participates in two competitions a year. Performances whether successful or not, build confidence. 

“The most impactful for me as an instructor is watching them grow and develop over the years,” says Miss Kyra. “It’s so rewarding watching them improve on their technique and their performance abilities. I also really enjoy watching them come out of their shells and see their personalities develop over the years.”

Performing Group is a great building block of discipline. Regular rehearsals are a commitment, and dancers must show up. More importantly, they must show up for their fellow dancers. All the dancers learn the value of hard work and that hard work brings rewards. 

After the first meeting in August, the Blue Dog Performing Group has its first appearance at Newcastle Days. After this, enrollment is closed for the year. This allows for the group to bond and develop great harmony and cohesion as a company. The program teaches the dancers skills they will use throughout their lives, and we are proud that through their performances in our local community such as at retirement homes, they also learn the value of giving back. 

Happy Dancing!