Blue Dog Dance Super Staff 2022-2023

Our staff is committed to bring you the joy and excitement of dance. We have a variety of backgrounds in dance and life to serve you. All teachers have their own dance education and are trained internally at Blue Dog Dance. Staff certifications include Dance Teacher Pro, mUvMethod Stretching, Leap n' Learn, IntelliDance, Acrobatic Arts and CLI Studios. Our staff happily commutes from as local to Ms. Barbara in Maple Hills to Ms. Kaela in University Place to Ms. Irene in Redmond. Let us know how we can make your dance journey once that is right for you and your child.


Tiffany Orlando

Tiffany Orlando is the studio manager, and recital coordinator, and merchandise organizer, and studio seamstress, and show house manager, and account reconciler and the list goes on and on. She has been with Blue Dog Dance for almost a decade. She has attended Dance Teacher Web and Boost conferences to sharpen her skills as studio manager. Occasionally, you may see her on her bike as she commutes to studio.




Barbara Walshe

Barbara Walshe is Founder and Director of Blue Dog Dance. She holds a BA in kinesiology with a dance minor. She has taught for over 20 years in a variety of settings including high school, elementary schools, Cal Poly State University, private studios, prisons and more. She opened Blue Dog Dance in 2008 as a community dance studio close to her home in Maple Hills. While she is versed in all styles of dance, she is currently focused on tap and adult classes.




Kyra Jackson

Kyra Jackson has been dancing since she was three years old and loves jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, acrobatics, tap and ballet. She has performed at multiple shows and competitions and plays the saxophone and clarinet. Ms. Kyra has been teaching for seven years at Blue Dog Dance and is certified in Leap n' Learn, mUvMethod Stretch and Acrobatic Arts. She has attended numerous dance teacher conventions. This year, Ms. Kyra is focused on AcroDance and being Blue Dog Dance's Assistant Director. 




Kaela Delaney

Kaela Delaney has been dancing for 29 years. She knows tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical and modern.  She has studied with Sam Weber, Lynn Dally, Angelia Leung, and Stan Kahn. In college at UCLA, she was the assistant to teacher Lynn Dally for all the tap classes in the dance department. She taught creative dance for children at an elementary school off campus at UCLA as a part of her major of World Arts and Culture. She has been teaching dance ever since.  She is certified in Leap n Learn, mUv Method and a CSSSA graduate. 



Susan Crandell

Susan Crandell has been teaching dance for 17 years. She has studied at Cornerstone, Pacific Chamber Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Ms. Susan has performed as a singer at district honor choir, all state honor choir and as soloist in school plays. She has performed the roles of Clara, Snow, Bear, Russian, Rat King, Mirliton, Spanish,  and Sugar Plum Fairy in various Nutcrackers. You may also have seen her as a  Seattle Seahawks Sea Gal. Ms. Susan holds a Bachelors in Business Administration - Management from UW and is currently working on a Master of Legal Studies - Compliance and Risk Management at Seattle University School of Law.



Tori Steinke

Tori Steinke has been dancing for 23 years. She knows ballet, jazz, and lyrical. She has studied at Backstage Dance, Woodinville Dane Academy, Exit Space, Kirkland Dane Center and University of Washington.  She performed at University of Washington 2015-2018, Take Pause with Exit Space and Strickly Seattle. She holds a BA in accounting with a minor in marketing AND a BA in Dance from UW.  Her teachers along the way have shown passion and inspired her to pursue teaching. Fitness and nutrition are important to Ms Tori. She takes barre classes and is an avid runner completing 6 half marathons and dozens of 10Ks.

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Irene Beausoliel

Irene Beausoliel has been dancing since she was four years old and knows Irish step dancing, ballet, lyrical, modern (primarily Graham technique), tap, jazz and hip hop. She has worked as a part- and full-time dance and yoga instructor for six years. The majority of her dance teaching experience has been with all ages ranges and styles though recently she shifted her focus of teaching to ages and styles which allow for more advanced practice of ballet and modern technique. Ms. Irene is certified as a certified yoga instructor from 8 Limbs in Seattle WA and has her BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts.




Betsy Everett

Betsy Everett is a life-long dancer. She enjoys salsa, hip hop and creative dance styles.  Ms. Betsy is a native to Washington State receiving her BA in English Literature from UW. She is a licensed realtor with years of experience selling homes in the greater Seattle Area. Ms. Betsy is certified in IntelliDance Tykes- an international dance curriculum for babies to 5-year-olds. She specializes in teaching ages 1-3. Ms. Betsy loves to dance and thinks it is not only therapeutic, but a great way to stay in shape . She dances everyday for fun and is very excited to begin her new path teaching dance.



Cheryl Satterfield

Cheryl Satterfield has been dancing for 68 years and knows the styles of ballet, tap and jazz. Cheryl has been a part of the Dixie Dancers and adult performing group FW dance and drama performing company, Dance Unlimited Nutcracker, as well as her own production of the Eastside Moving Company. She has taught at King County Parks and Rec, The Boys and Girls Club and private dance studios. She has owned her own studio for 11 years and has been teaching at blue dog for seven years. Ms. Cheryl has teacher training certification by Lisa Howell. Ms. Cheryl  believes that dance for her personally is an essential part of her best life.




Bella Walshe

Bella Walshe has been dancing for 14 years and studies ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and tap (all at Blue Dog Dance). She has taken many  masterclasses including The Big Apple tap festival in New York. Her mast teachers include Todd Shanks Bill Hoteling and Lady Di. Beyond most Blue Dog Dance productions, she has danced the parade in Disneyland and has competed tap solos.  Ms. Bella has been teaching for three years, before that she was in teaching assistant for three years. She is a Liberty High School senior working towards her AA through running start. 




Willow Stromire

Willow Stromire has been dancing for 15 years. She does styles of hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and some tap. She started dancing at British dancing Academy then Blue Dog Dance. She has done masterclasses at Dance Teacher Web and Las Vegas and the Manhattan Dance Project. She has performed for Bellevue College Dance Company for two years and for the Royal Blue Dance Company for four years. Ms. Willow is certified as level one in mUvMethod Stretch. She graduated with her AA and is working towards a commercial dance career. 




Hayden Halvorson

Hayden Halverson has been dancing for 15 years and studies jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, pointe and hip hop. Ms. Hayden has performed at multiple Blue Dog Dance shows and has performed at Disneyland's Dance the Magic parade. Ms. Hayden has attended WSU's Cranston Girls Recruitment Camp as well as dance conventions such as Nuvo and Celebrity. Ms. Hayden has been teaching for three years and teaches lyrical and pre-dance. Her biggest dance inspiration has been her Mama who has inspired her to dance since day one. 




Gina Liguori

Gina Liguori has been dancing for 16 years and studied ballet, contemporary, hip hop and cheer. She grew up dancing for Seattle Civic Ballet from the ages of 5 to 17 and was a cheerleader at Kennedy Catholic High School. She has taken classes at playground LA with Sam Allen who's a famous teacher and choreographer in the hip hop world. Ms. Gina has been teaching for three years she has taught after school Dance Academy and she has taught in after school programs in the Bellevue and Kirkland. Ms. Gina has her AA in business and is currently transferring to the University of Washington. Ms. Gina is a fitness junkie and is currently working on getting her personal training certification.




Kaitlyn Pitts

Kaitlyn Pitts has been dancing for 10 years and studies hip hop and a little bit of ballet and contemporary. She was trained under several teachers at Creative Minds Dance Complex and Contagious Performing Company. She has performed at we day Seattle world of dance Seattle and Disneyland along hundreds of other shows around the state of Washington. Kaitlyn has been teaching for three years and also has two years of teaching violin and Viola. She is an undergraduate student at UW working towards her bachelors in biochemistry as well as a minor in dance. Ms. Kaitlyn founded a hip hop group named Movement 26 or M26 in 2021. 




Hailey Sieben

Hailey began her dance training in Washington. She moved through the studio circuit before transitioning to a competitive high school, and then D1 collegiate dancer. She competed locally on the Kentwood High School Dance Team before leaving the state for college, attending The University of Montana. There she danced three years, was awarded Most Collegiate by the program her senior year, as well as earned her Bachelor's in Heath and Human Performance with a focus in Exercise Sciences. Since graduation, she has turned back again to the studio world and focusing her attention mainly within Jazz and Hip Hop styles. She is a huge advocate of exercise, nutrition, and the relationship between the two.



Sydney Walling

Sydney Walling has been dancing for 12 years studies jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet and lyrical. She has performed in numerous Blue Dog Dance shows - including the RBDC Gals. This is Ms. Sydney's first year teaching and she was a teaching assistant for three years and has taught summer camps at Blue Dog. Sydney attends iHazen High School and believes that dance is an amazing way to connect and learn with people. Ms. Sydney is teaching beginning jazz under the mentorship of veteran teacher Ms. Barbara.




Ella Williamson

Ella Williamson has been dancing for 10 years and studies jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, theater jazz and some hip hop. She has performed in local theaters like Youth Theatre Northwest, Village Kids Stage and also in musicals at her middle and high school of Maywood and Liberty. She is a Liberty High School senior planning to study the performing arts in college. Previously Ms. Ella has been a TA for musical theater. This is her first year teaching  musical theatre class under the mentorship of veteran teacher Ms. Kyra.



Jenna Collins

Jenna Collins has been dancing for 12 years and is taking classes in jazz, contemporary, ballet and pointe Her teachers have been here at Blue Dog Dance where she has grown up. She is currently a high school student and she what she believes is true about dance is that everybody can dance if they want to. Ms. Jenna has been a cheerleader for years and has also been a coach for one of the teams. Ms. Jenna has been at TA for Blue Dog for four years and is now teaching Jazz 5 under the mentorship of veteran teacher Ms. Kaela.



Stefanie Williamson

Stefanie Williamson is our Graphic Designer. She assists with marketing and photography and works mornings at the front desk. You might also see Stefanie taking an adult dance class at Blue Dog Dance or performing “Hot Chocolate” in Polar Express.  She has danced since high school and has taken a variety of dance classes in all styles, but her favorite is tap.  Stefanie loves watching dance and musical theater. It waws a production of Crazy for You at 5th Avenue that inspired her to take her first tap class 25 years ago. She believes that the same reasons parents sign their little ones up for dance class, still applies to adults… it’s fun, good exercise, and you get to see your friends!



Katherine Menezes

Katherine Menezes grew up dancing at Blue Dog Dance. She was one of the original members of our Performing Group and Tap Troupe. She know jazz, ballet, contemporary and tap. She has her degree in Finance with a minor in French from UW. Ms Katherine taught English at the elementary level in Angers, France in 2020 through the TAPIF program. She is now working towards teaching french at a french immersion school in Washington. This year, Ms. Katherine is working our front desk and assisting us with our merchandise. She knows that dance is innate! We know how to dance and move to music as babies before we really know what dancing is. 

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Makayla Kinne

Makayla Kinne is a junior at Liberty High School and a member of the Royal Blue Dance Company. She has danced for 11 years and  loves all styles of dance, but her favorite is contemporary. She has taken multiple summer intensives at blue dog dance and has attended many Manhattan dance projects. Michaela has danced at Julia blue winter Wonderland and the recitals as well as performing and disneylands danced the magic parades and she has performed at the Washington State Fair she has been a teaching assistant for a blue dog dance for four years.  Michaela has been a summer camp counselor for two years and has done the Disneyland dance parade twice.


We are constantly thinking a creative ways to keep you dancing.


We all want to dance and want you to dance, too. We believe in the joy of dance.


We pride ourselves in continually wanting to get better at what we do.