King County's vaccine verification requirement for individuals 12 and older begins October 25th.

Here's what it means for Blue Dog Dance:


Beginning October 25, all students 12 and older must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or provide a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of entering the studio.

Valid forms of vaccination proof are (1) a CDC issued vaccination card or photo of the card; (2) digital record from verifiable medical provider, or other vaccination record app; or (3) printed record from vaccine provider or

Valid forms of FDA-approved negative COVID-19 tests are print or digital documentation from a pharmacy, laboratory or testing provider. In home kits are not accepted.


We can mark in your account your vaccination status beginning October 18th.

  • Teens should bring in their own proof - we do not need a parent to confirm.
  • DO NOT email us records or photos, simply bring with you.
  • Please bring verification at your regularly scheduled class time.
  • Please show to desk staff in main lobby. Thanks for your patience.


Questions and Answers


How long is this policy in place?

As of now, it is in place for 6 months. However, King County has stated they will reassess during that time period and end it earlier if appropriate. We will let you know if that happens.


What if my child has just turned 12 or is turning 12 within the next 6 months?

If your dancer has recently turned 12, we will be contacting you regarding your fully vaccination date. King County allows a grace period for the window of time between being eligible for the vaccine and being fully vaccinated. 


Will we still be wearing masks?

Yes. The mask mandate for the studio is still in effect. Anyone entering the studio over 2 years-old is required to wear a mask.


What if I need to just come in to the studio for a moment?

You may enter the studio for short-term purposes such as helping a child with shoes, asking a short question at the desk, using the restroom, etc. Please note we are limiting these circumstances as much as possible.


What if I have a medical or religious exemption?

If you have not received the vaccine for any reason including a medical or religious exemption, you will provide a negative COVID-19 test result.


Will this be applied to younger students if vaccine is approved for children under 12?

We will wait for King County's guidance. Currently, there is no mention of people under 12 in this requirement. Updates will be made when information becomes available.


Will we need to show proof every time we come to class?

If you are vaccinated, we are able to indicate in your account for your enrolled classes so you will not need to show proof every time. A negative COVID-19 test is valid for 72 hours from the time of the test. You will need to show a negative test result each week for class.


When is the pandemic going to end?

Wouldn't we all like to know?  We have guessed this one wrong several times now - so, we aren't giving predictions anymore:)


Thank you for your compliance. We enjoy dancing with you!