Empower Your Little One 

to Thrive through Dance

Your child’s creative outlet is key to their growth. That’s why at Blue Dog Dance, we provide an inclusive, stress-free atmosphere where little ones can discover if dance is right for them. 

Caring Teachers. 

Lifelong Skills.

Our compassionate teachers focus on performance while ensuring a non-competitive environment with fun at the forefront. All the while, we lean on our expertise across the full spectrum of dance styles to ensure consistent growth.

Bridge the Gap Between

Potential and Performance

As your child spins around the kitchen and dances through the dining room, you may begin to wonder if there’s something more behind the movement. Trusted for over 15 years, there’s nowhere better to find out than right here at Blue Dog Dance.

What to Expect

We take a personal approach to every aspiring performer. When you book a trial class, we…

  • Reach out via call or text to get to know more about your child
  • Pair your little one with the perfect class based on our expertise
  • And send over answers to the most common questions that parents ask

It’s all about placing your child in a nurturing atmosphere centered on self-discovery.

Book Your Child’s

Trial Class Today

If you’re ready to channel your child’s creative energy, support their physical development, and connect with families along the way, we invite you to book a trial class today!