Maywood Students DC Bound June 2021!


Hello! I'm Barbara Walshe, the owner of Blue Dog Dance, and have volunteered to help with the process of ordering and printing shirts for the Maywood DC trip. Payments will go through Blue Dog Dance, and I will be collecting our quantities and ordering shirts from my shirt printer - Meerkat Tees.

Tee shirts will be lime green, turquoise or purple depending on what is readily available at the time we order. Some shirt colors are having supply issues right now. The design will have a graphic of the places the students are visiting on the front and a quote on the back. Once the design is finished, I will post it here.

You must order by May 31st. Late orders cannot be processed.

Select Size and click PayPal button. Tee Shirts are $15.


Please call or text me with any question 425-647-3887