Tap Troupe

Tap Troupe Events:

Important Tap Troupe and Tappette Info 2014 January – June

YOU MUST REPLY TO bluedogtap.shutterfly.com on the following events. IT DEFAULTS TO A YES FOR YOU!

The following is the list of upcoming events for the rest of the year (unless new ones come up). Location addresses are on the shutterfly site.

  • June 21-22 – Blue Dog Recital. Plan on being in at least 2 shows.

Tap Trip!

Confirmation pending for performance at Silverwood June 30th, 2014.

Make-Up Class

There will be a tentative Saturday intensive class on June 7 for at least 2 hours to make up for the classes lost for Polar Express dress rehearsal and Whirligig performance.


Tappers will need both oxfords and heeled tap shoes for the recital. Please have both pairs of tap shoes by March 1.  The studio is currently only selling any items we have in stock, but there is a list of local retailers at the front desk.


We are now using a new communication system called Shutterfly. It is a private site where all emails, calendars, and other information can be accessed. An email will be sent to you with an invitation to join the Blue Dog Dance Tap site. You will then create your own username and password to login. The studio will send out information regarding any events or other reminders through Shutterfly and you will be able to communicate with us via the site as well.

Please call the studio at 425-255-0310 if you have any additional questions.