Do we need previous dance experience?

Nope! Brand new dancers of all ages are welcome to join. We look forward to starting your dance journey with you.

How often are the classes and how long does the session go?

Classes are once per week.  You attend the class at the same day and time every week.  If you need to be absent, you are able to make-up in a different class.

The session runs during the academic year. Classes start in September and end in June.  You can enroll throughout the fall depending on class availability. If it is necessary to withdraw before the end of the session, simply contact the front desk or register online. We also offer a summer session.

Are we able to watch the class? Do we have to stay?

To minimize distractions and make the best environment for the students, there is no watching inside the studio. We do have weeks throughout the year for you to come in and observe. You will be notified of watch weeks. Also, you do not need to stay at the studio for class time.  We do ask that you come in to pick up your young student at the end of class.

Is there anything special they need to wear?

Yes, dancers should wear the appropriate attire and shoes to class. We have an online store foe your convenience, but you can get your attire at any retailer. We do not allow skirts, including the ones attached to leotards. Click here for examples of the appropriate shoes and attire.

Do you have any performances?

YES! Performances are one of our favorite things.  Each class is featured in the Spring Recital. Throughout the year we produce many shows that you can audition for as well. Find out more about all of our performances here!