Q - Do students need to wear a mask while in class?

A - Yes. Students will wear masks. Teachers may give outdoor breaks and students would be able to take off masks if physically distant.


Q - If an in-studio class needs to become virtual, will the tuition remain the same?

A - Yes. All class time and instruction will remain the same. As we hope to be in the studio, circumstances may reequire us to teach virtually for everyones safety. 


Q - Can we sample size or buy dance attire at the studio?

A - No. At this time we have suspended selling any merchandise and hosting trying on sample sizes. We encourage you to visit local dance boutiques or shop onine with business with easy return policies.


Q - Should I attend an online only class or virtually attend an in-studio class?

A - This is up to you. The difference is that online only classes, the teacher will be delivering the content specifically for all students attending virtually. When virtually attending an in-studio class, the teacher will be delivering content to students in the studio while checking in with virtual students throughout. While both classes will be effective, online students will likely experience the most interactive class during an online only class. For those who want to eventually be a part of an in-studio class when ready or who are more advanced, attending an in-studio class virtually may be the best option.