Dance Shoes and Attire

Attire Available for Purchase at Blue Dog Dance

Ballet Shoe Full Sole – $15/child  $17/adult

for Creative Dance, Pre Dance, and Ballet/Tap



Tap Shoes:

Ribbon - $18/child  $20/adult Slip On Oxford – $28/child  $30/adult  Heeled – $35/adult  Velcro – $22/child  $24/adult

for designated Tap class levels



Jazz Shoes – $26/child  $29/adult

for all Jazz classes



Ballet Shoe Split Sole – $18/child  $20/adult

for Ballet 1 and up




                                  Short Sleeved Leotard – $16/child  $18/adult  Cami – $18/child  $20/adult

for Creative Dance and Pre Dance classes

Pink, Black, Lavender, White, Lt. Blue, Royal, Garnet


Sweatheart Tank Leotard – $18/child  $20/adult  Long Sleeve – $18/child  $19/adult  Basic Tank – $17/child  $19/adult

for Ballet and Jazz classes

Black, Burgundy,  Buttercup, Chocolate, Eggplant, Mulberry, Garnet, Lavender, Light Blue, Pink, Royal, Teal, Turquoise, Purple

Footed Tights – $7/child  $9/adult

for Creative Dance, Pre Dance and all Ballet classes

Ballet Pink (for younger dancers), Pink (for middle and high school dancers), Caramel (skin tone), Black, White, Lt. Suntan



Convertible Tights$7.50/child  $9/adult  Footless – $6/child  $8/adult

for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and older Ballet classes

Pink, Caramel (skin tone), Black





  V waist Pants      Roll Waist Pants – $22/child  $24/adult  V Waist Pants – $20/child  $22/adult                 ……..                             Capris – $18/child  $20/adult V Waist Short – $11/child  $13/adult

        for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Team Dance

        Black, Garnet, Mulberry, Purple, White, Chocolate, Royal, Turquoise (all colors in select styles)