Join us for our annual Gala in April

The Royal Blue Dance Company is a dance company of High School students whose goal is to become better dancers while serving the community. Any high school student at Blue Dog Dance can join, and meetings are held once a month to review dances and plan a Gala event that will benefit a local cause.

Throughout the year, choreographers will set pieces and dancers can choose which dances they want to commit to. Some will be inclusive and some will be by audition. We are hoping to get a variety of styles and choreographers who will challenge the dancers in different ways. All dancers will be invited to learn a dance that will be the showcase dance throughout the year at various retirement homes and festivals. The other dances will be only showcased at the Gala event.

We do this to give high school dancers the opportunity to develop their dancing skills and acknowledge the flexibility they may desire. Some may choose to do 1-2 dances; some may choose to do 10-12. As long as the dancer is committed to rehearsal schedule for any particular dance, she/he is welcome to do as few or as many as she wants. Also, we want to give an atmosphere that is slightly closer to professional companies – fast learn, fast clean, one performance (unless you’re touring of course)

But mainly, we want to use dance to serve a greater purpose. We want the pinnacle of the dance year for them to be using dance to create something wonderful for the community. They will always have dance in their hearts and bodies and we want to give them the opportunity to use dance for something beyond themselves – because they can.

Fees: We will have a one-time fee to join the Company to acknowledge your commitment and offset administrative work as well as a fee that may or may not be required for costumes and a possible competition fee.