Click Here for Your Recital Song

Here are my notes for my class:
You have 4 videos to work from. Two are with music and two are with counts. We have one more section to learn and we have our recital routine complete!
Don’t worry about formations or transitions…it’s Juneable. Just work on getting what you can into your muscle memory.
who’s with me – Flo Rida begins around 24 seconds…reminder that it says a bad word. There is not a clean version available…I will cut the music soon.
C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) – Quad City DJ’s – begins around 1min20secs (when he actually sings some lyrics)
– this section has two lines that do the same movement but different directions. Try to remember if you were a 1 or 2. Kyra, we kept you on the end to start the ripple.
Just keep moving! New choreography soon!
Ms. Miki



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